Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Will you hire this person !!

A friend shared this application he received for a job. One can learn a lot about writing a CV from the same. Read it and learn.

If you think you will want to hire him, do tell me, I will get him to write to you. The letter has been reproduced with only a few changes to block the identity of the person. I am highlighting areas of real inspiration and learning for me. Hope you will find new learnings too.

Dear sir

its rarely to recieve like this mail so be ready to iether delete it or reply imediately. and also its my first time to send it and iam redy for both the options.

iam one of the most intelegent men at the current time & iam the best in every thing i do, through the world.

i believe that iam not less than Isaac Newton but an apple havnt yet fall on my hed. instead of waiting for the apple i decide to search for it.

i feel that the best company to work for is yours, although i dont have the extensive knowledge but with one chapter i can make things that peoples who studied hundreds of books cant.

this simple english language and a medium knoledgge of
windows xp

is all i have but iam sure that i can make the difference.

please dont miss this oportunity.

give me a specific problem and a short course on what i need to solve the problem and see what will i do.

i dont need any money, and if i fail i will refund every peny u spend for the course.
i know you have problems, and this is the chance to solve it, again dont miss it.
iam xx(age) years old, from abc (city) the time i live in yyy (country)s tuding oracle iam looking forward to hearing form you.


Ashima said...

VOW!! what audacity and tenacity this man has... lakhu, i think he is definitely worth your consideration :o)...and amazingly positive thinking and attitude.
I am sure someone was playing a prank on your friend by sending something so atrocious just to see if he gets a response.
Hey, how about inviting him for an interview - remember "bheja fry"???

Nipoon Tandon said...

Sanjay Sir,


Anonymous said...

That was amazing...........Pooja.

KarthikKaraikudy said...

What was the outcome? Any update!!