Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Retain HR first !

How would you feel if a restaurant owner prefers to eat at other restaurants rather than his own, a builder prefers to stay in properties made by other builders, a person working in a manufacturing unit, prefers to buy products of competitors rather than what is manufactured in the plant where he/she works ?

I would feel awkward. So now how would you feel in the same light about working in a company where the HR folks themselves don't stick around ?

HR folks seem to be moving jobs all the time, which would mean that they do not trust all the brilliant talent retention programs that they create for their organisations and hence would prefer to 'eat at another restaurant-from my example above'.

I sometimes wonder if this could be one of the key reasons why people do not believe in many of the HR programs, because the people who create them do not give the impression that they believe.

If an organisation wants to build that trust, then first thing that needs to be tackled is attrition within the HR department. Unless that is done, building faith in the HR programs will be an uphill task.

So my simple thought is follow the old wisdom of 'charity begins at home'. All you guys in HR first think of programs to retain yourselves before you embark on making successful retention plans for the others, your own conviction will make the programs much more successful than anything else.



Prasad Kurian said...

Interesting !

While designing the HR policies/ processes HR professionals often do not look at the implications from the perspective of the employees (though the HR professionals also get covered under the same policies). Some times, 'being at the receiving end of HR' (e.g. a strong negative experience with a HR process/policy as an employee) helps to develop this 'broader perspective'.

S said...

nice read

Sita said...

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